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Florida Solar; A Solar Direct Initiative

"Inspiring others to discover environmentally responsible energy
" is the philosophy driving our progress.

We believe that our vision of enthusiastically influencing healthy renewable
energy decisions is driving the extensive expansion we have undergone.

Unique within the green industry, we are vertically integrated,
combining marketing, product manufacturing, design, engineering,
installation, and direct-to-customer distribution processes within one
all-encompassing organization.

We created the Website to further expand
awareness for all Floridians. There are so many great opportunities
for Floridians to get into Solar and start living a greener life that
we couldn't just let these opportunities pass by the everyday Floridian.

We have been serving Florida and beyond since 1986 and strive constantly
to bring you the absolute best service and quality of workmanship available.
We are licensed, bonded, insured and hold many awards. We have been featured
in Local and International news articles, magazines, newspapers and
blogs world wide. Our reputation and high level of standards speak volumes
but no one can say it quite as well as our very own customers:


I purchased the Vortex solar panels from you 2 years ago, mounted them on the roof of my indoor pool, and absolutely love them. They work great! Here is the photo of the solar panels installed on my pool house. This system has kept my 18 x36 pool within 4 to 5 degrees of the outside air temperature just like you promised. I haven't spent a dime on fuel to heat the water in my pool in 2 years. The only maintenance has been an occasional re-tightening of the hose clamps between panels. Thanks for helping me get up and running.
~ John Brinkerhoff

As an aside, I would just like to note that dealing with your company has been a very pleasant experience. The professionalism that has been displayed by your sales and customer service staff has been quite extraordinary. Rest assured that I will highly recommend your services to any of my friends and neighbors without hesitation.
~ Jason Saul

I have been researching passive solar hot water heating for my home in Florida and found your web site very helpful. As I neared the final decision process, I called and was connected with John Ervin. I just want to let you know how much I appreciated John's help in making this decision. I had read an older version of the installation/operations manual and had a list of questions. John helped me through every issue and sent me a more current version of the manual. I found him very knowledgeable about your products. He also is a very good representative for your company - John followed up on every phone call and patiently assisted me in making the final purchase decision. As a former owner of a software company, I strongly believe in letting others know when an employee has done a good job. Kudos to John Ervin! Sincerely,
~ Paul Palmer

Enclosed are the cut off corners from solar panel returned as per terms of the warranty agreement. Please process as necessary and contact me if there are any issues. I would also like to take the time to thank you for your quick response in replacing this defective panel. The system has been running flawlessly for about five years now. This leaking panel has been the first and only problem we have experienced. Your warranty procedures made this replacement an easy and painless process. It is good to see companies stand behind their products as advertised and a pleasure to do business with them. If you need a recommendation or reference in Northeastern Pennsylvania, you can always get a positive one from me. Thank You,
~ David Young

As you may have seen, I placed the order. Thanks for the online help. Your quick response to question and you adding links in your email helped me very much. (You have a big web site). That and the full explanations and extensive descriptions of your equipment on your web site placed your company far and above the others I was looking at. You can be sure than when my son is ready for his panels it'll be from you guys. Thank you,
~ Jerry Sturdivant

and MANY More...


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